1. Against their will, people are segregated in the winter from each other by scarves, gloves, and puffy down jackets – the last of which seems to get puffier and downier each day.

  2. Rightfully so bears retreat in to the dark cave earth to be by themselves and, if so applicable, their children.

  3. In winter it’s hard to hold a conversation when the mind is half elsewhere, proving silly the ‘mind over matter’ adage, which was obviously coined by someone sitting in warmer climes.

  4. One cannot help but associate the cold with the touch of death.

  5. Sleepless nights, tickled by the window draft.

  6. The taste of the burp of the Vitamin D vitamin.

  7. When bears wake in the spring, their manners are rusty in an unforgivably awkward way. Bears forget to hold eye contact while their bear friend goes on and on about the lilac-smelling festival they went to last week.

  8. These moody bears find sleeping spots far away from each other, a result scientists could not have and did not foresee.

  9. Lies told by lovers. Truths told by lovers.

  10. Soon the arboreal radius containing the bears intersects with the sinusoidal wave of the driveway of one Rocky Mountain National Park academic forestry study outpost.

  11. A tense standoff in the shadows of the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee. A swipe, a crack of the rifle.

  12. The bass notes of the vehicle’s hazard lights.